Calpak ‘Silverlake’ 20-inch Carry-on Lightweight Expandable Hardside Upright Suitcase


The  Calpak ‘Silverlake’ 20-inch Carry-on hard-sided suitcase is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality, durable lightweight luggage. Made of ABS material that is made to hold up to anything, this hard-sided luggage is perfect for storing fragile items in perfect security; the ABS material will protect even the most delicate of objects.

Not only that, but the Calpak Silverlake has an expandable main compartment that gives you up to two inches of extra space. This allows you to fit in all those extras you think you may need for your trip with ease. You can also use the extra space to store any items you may buy on your trip that you want to bring home with you. Just be careful that you are paying attention to any weight limits when you are packing, if you are traveling by plane.

This luggage has an interior with all the features you could desire, including two zippered pockets, criss-cross elastic tie down straps, and a zip-around divider that lets you create two packing compartments in the suitcase. This allows for better organization while packing for your trip.

You will enjoy the convenience of the spinner wheels on the bottom of the luggage, which are perfect when you need to have flexibility in maneuvering and moving the piece. There is an easy-grab handle at the top for simple, effortless lifting. There is also a heavy duty handle, a push-button lock, and self-locking capabilities on this luggage, so the security of your belongings is always assured.

What’s more, there is a mounted combination lock to give you even more extra security, not to mention peace of mind while traveling.

You will find this luggage comes with multiple color options to suit your individual tastes. The suitcase itself is 19.5 x 13 x 9 inches in size, to give you plenty of room to pack the things you need most for your traveling. All this, and it only weights 7.9 lbs, which is extremely light. Remember, though, this is the weight of the actual suitcase. It may end up weighing more, depending on what you put in it.

Be sure to check the size requirements for luggage before bringing this suitcase on an airplane. This is because the hard sides make it difficult to push down to fit overhead compartments. If the luggage is even slightly over the recommended size, you won’t be able to store it, and will need to check it.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of lightweight luggage. It has all the room you need inside to bring anything you might require for your traveling. It is designed to be simple to pick up, and the wheels make it a breeze for bringing with you through a large, busy airport. You won’t get tired carrying this, because the wheels mean you don’t have to. And, because the luggage itself is extremely light in weight, you can pack a little extra in it without making it too heavy for you to maneuver it.

Pack Your Bags And Head For The Hills With This Advice

Almost everyone across the globe love to travel. The desire to learn about new cultures, explore different architecture and sample different cuisine, are a few of the benefits to travel. The article ahead holds many suggestions on bettering your travel plans and making it right for you.

Use a list to help you pack your essentials. Start as soon as you can before your trip, that way you can add your must-have items to the list as you think of them. Even if you end up packing at the last minute, this will help you remain organized and avoid unnecessary clutter.

Most people live and die by reserving the seat next to the window; however, you should consider one on the aisle. Being in a middle seat on a long plane trip, or in a noisy room in a hotel can quickly zap any aspect of pleasure in your trip.

When traveling it is helpful to be flexible about where you are going. Favorite vacation spots may be fun, but you can make your vacation more interesting and memorable if you vary your destination. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, broadening your options when it comes to the location can be beneficial.

As you get ready to go out of town, pick a digital camera that will work for the kind of trip you are taking. For example, a camera with a rechargeable battery might not be suited for backpacking. In most cases, you will probably want a camera which can be readied quickly.

When traveling through smaller airports, check their websites to discover every airline that offers service there. Many small airports offer charter airlines; they may not show up as you search for rates, and sometimes can offer a better deal than major airlines.

Anytime you are going to be driving to a different city before going on a cruise, check to see if there is a hotel that has fee parking, and get there the night before. Check with the hotel staff about parking deals even if none are published.

Bring along a door stopper to the hotel. You may need extra security at night at your hotel, especially when traveling to less developed countries. If you cannot access a deadbolt for the door, wedge a doorstop under it instead.

Give a trusted family member or friend access to the itinerary you will be following while you travel. This is a great tip because it ensures that a non-traveler is always aware of what you are doing. Stay in contact to be safe. Hearing from you occasionally and knowing your whereabouts eases their minds.

These save very little space to begin with, and most nice hotels provide their guests with basic toiletries like shampoo and soap. Use techniques such as rolling your clothing or make use of vacuum packaging. This can free up some space for other things you will need.

Rain Coat

If you are taking a long trip and you’re packing light, pack a rain coat that has a soft lining. You don’t want to be caught in terrible weather without a way to protect yourself. This rain coat can make you feel very comfortable during hazardous conditions or just running around your hotel room.

If you want coffee in the morning, you can have filtered water if you melt hotel ice. Rather than using tap water, which can taste bad, fill up the ice bucket and let it melt overnight. You can use it to make coffee.

Sign up for the e-newsletters of all the major airlines. Those publications will ensure you are aware of current discounts and deals as well as last-minute offers. The savings you get from these newsletters make the extra email worth it.

Traveling is fun for many. To get the most out of your experience, careful planning is necessary. Use the advice from this article and make exciting travel plans today.

Use These Simple Tips For Any Type Of Travel

You should do a lot of research before you head out on a vacation or business trip. Do you want to have a great time on budget? The following paragraphs should help.

If your destination requires some vaccinations, carry the certificate you get that says you’ve gotten the treatments. Without this certification, you may have a difficult time entering or living a country. If you do not have the certificate, there is no way to prove you had the vaccination so authorities may quarantine you.

In some countries, criminals will pose as the authorities to get the jump on you. Never hand over your original passport, as you might not get it back. If they want to take you in for questioning, insist on walking. Do not get into a vehicle with strangers at home or abroad.

Make sure that the packing list for your next trip include clothespins. It is an unusual item to consider packing, however they can be quite useful.

When you are traveling by car or plane with toddlers, you should always have interesting things available to occupy their time. Pack some of his favorite games and toys. It is also a good idea to buy a new toy to take on the trip because it will give your child something to associate the trip with.

Give your itinerary to a family member. This is a great tip because it ensures that a non-traveler is always aware of what you are doing. Check with that person regularly to maintain communication. If they are aware of your location and you contact them regularly, no one will need to worry.

Place identifying information inside the bags as well as affixing the usual baggage tag. A luggage tag hanging from the outside of your luggage can easily be ripped off in transit. Be certain that you have good identification both inside and outside of your bags. In this way, if the tags are accidentally removed, your bag can still be returned to you.

Not everyone can stay in a five star hotel. If you are not comfortable with an area, but haven’t any other choice, try bring along a rubber doorstop. You can slide it under your door for your hotel room all night long (as well as using the chain and lock). Intruders will have an easy time breaking the chain or lock, but the doorstop will make a more formidable barrier.

When traveling abroad, it is smart to think about possible emergencies like losing your passport. The State Department has contact information on the website for your destination’s U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The United states maintains embassies or websites for most countries and there are often traveler’s aid societies. Keep this information handy while on your trip. In many cases, a replacement passport can be ready within a couple days.

Always check expiration dates on of all of your passports. Some countries have certain rules about the expiration. Many will not allow you entry into the country if it expires soon. Many countries require that your passport is valid for more than six months after entering their country.

One of the first things you should do before traveling to a foreign country is to determine whether or not you must have a visa. Make sure to get your applications in early, since paperwork can take awhile to process. Without the right paperwork, you could be prevented from entering your destination country.

The use of travel agencies has declined for a reason; everyone books trips online because it is so convenient. The site you book your travel through should offer sample itineraries for your convenience. You have a range of choices for hotels or resorts, airlines and car rental services. You can even review pictures and critiques of hotels online. Many travel sites even guide you toward finding discounts.

Take an additional passport photo when you travel abroad. It takes quite awhile to replace a stolen or misplaced passport. If you have a spare photo, this is one step than can speed up the process. Also, keep any extra documentation you would need to get your passport replaced quickly.

When you are trying to maximize your travel enjoyment, do not underestimate the power of weather. Before departure, check the forecast for the city you will be visiting. A freezing snow or unexpected hurricane is the last thing you want when jumping on a plane to Florida. Be prepared, and you will never be surprised.

Don’t lie when applying for travel insurance. Tell the provider of any illness you may have. Claims will be denied if you supplied false data to get it. That could be a very expensive mistake.

If you plan to take a very remote trip, think about purchasing insurance to cover any emergency evacuation, rescue or search costs. This will protect you if something were to go wrong.

Write all of your information on a label on your luggage when you are traveling. If the luggage is lost and the outer tags get removed, the authorities can still figure out that the luggage is yours. You can avoid permanently losing your stuff by doing this.

There is lots of temptation along the road, especially when it comes to business purposes. Go to the gym at the hotel to save money and stay fit. You will stay in shape and have energy during your trip.

If you plan on camping or hiking, it is important that you obtain and carry maps of the locations you plan to visit. You should also consider taking a long a GPS unit or compass in case you lose your way.

Make your hotel reservation far in advance. Hotels or accommodations can be offer a lot of what they know travelers need the most. You may like that, or you may want to plan a full schedule on your own. You should also consider the room type you desire. For example, if you are a light sleeper, book your room away from the elevator. Ask the hotel staff questions so you are sure to make the perfect accommodations.

Most of these suggestions are applicable for various forms of travel. Use these tips and have a trip that you will enjoy and remember.